With this conquest, both the inside of Makkah and the places around it were cleaned of idols; the hearts of the Quraish were also cleaned of polytheism and became spotless with the light of oneness of Allah.

Besides being one of the greatest events of the History of Islam, the conquest of Makkah throws light on the sacred aims and objects of the Prophet and his sublime morals. Conquest of Mecca (Arabic: فتح مكة) is the event of conquering Mecca by Muslims led by the Prophet (s) in 8/630 as a response to Quraysh's breaking Hudaybiyya treaty. (This led to the conquest of Mecca).”(Ibn Ishaq, page 540 – 542) [1] One of its results was that the polytheists of Arabian Peninsula turned to Islam in the following years. Siqaya, which was the duty of giving water to hajjis, belonged to Abbas, the uncle of the Prophet. When Quraysh and B. Bakr had combined against Khuza’a and killed some of the, thereby breaking their covenanted word with the Apostle in violating Khuza’a who were in treaty with him, Amr b. Salim al-Khuza’a of the clan of B. Ka’b went to the Apostle in Medina. When they reached the outskirts of Mecca, the Prophet sent an emissary to the Meccans informing them that the Muslims were not coming to fight but coming to perform a ritual. Abu Sufyan ibn Harb, the leader of the Quraysh in Mecca, sensing that the balance was now tilted in Muhammad's favour and that the Quraish were not strong enough to stop the Muslims from conquering the city, travelled to Medina, trying to restore the treaty. Conquest. Hijaba, which was the duty of serving the Kaaba, belonged to Uthman b. Talha. During his stay, he was repulsed by Ali and by his own daughter Ramlah, who now was one of Muhammad's wives.

Muhammad, however, uncovered their intentions through his own spies in the camp of the Hawazin, and marched against the Hawazin just two weeks after the conquest of Mecca with a force of 12,000 men. Here are some interesting facts about the historical conquest of Mecca: The Muslim army set out for Mecca from Medina on November 29, 629 and conquered the city on December 11; The idols of the tribal gods at Kabba were destroyed and Prophet Muhammad declared Mecca a sanctuary for everyone Muhammad (Muhammad) - Conquest of Mecca The Muslims Decide to Conquer Mecca About the end of the seventh year of the hijrah, the Quraish and their allies, the Bani Bakr, violated the terms of the peace concluded at Hudaibiya by attacking the Bani Khuzaah, who were in alliance with the Muslims.

The early history of Islam is vital for Muslims even to the present day. In this period of history the good faith and sincerity of the Prophet and his companions with regard to all the clauses of the Peace Pact of Hudaybiyah, which was signed by them, becomes clear and, over

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