2. The microstrip calculator determines the width and length of a microstrip line for a given characteristic impedance (Zo) and electrical length or vice versa. Go to the calculator section. Input w, and click on [ Analyze ] button. Synthesize

Description The capacitance calculated using this tool is the capacitance between two coplanar flat conductors. The electrical parameters may be determined from specified physical parameters, or the physical parameters required to meet a given set of electrical parameters may be found. er : s [mm] h [mm] t [um] fo [MHz] w [mm] >>> Zo [ohm] Zo [ohm] >>> w [mm] er eff: k : lambda/4 [mm] [ How to use ] 1. ... like on microstrip. Input the parameter of the circuit board and center frequency. ( Contact us if you would like to see other calculators) Input w, and click on [ Analyze ] button.

A cross-section of a microstrip transmission line is shown below. This calculator is designed to calculate the characteristic impedance of a microstrip - a flat conductor suspended over a ground plane with a dielectric between them (see diagram below).

Return to the top. Coplanar Waveguide with Ground Calculator. (1) When the character impedance (Zo) of the conductor space (w) is computed. Coplanar Waveguide Analysis/Synthesis Calculator. Input the parameter of the circuit board and center frequency. No matter how many structures we include in the Si8000m and Si9000e it seems that there are never enough. er [FR4=4.6(1MHz=4.7 1GHz=4.3)] s [mm] h [mm] fo [MHz] w [mm] >>> Zo [ohm] Zo [ohm] >>> w [mm] er eff : k : lambda/4 [mm] [ How to use ] 1.

Coplanar Waveguide Analysis/Synthesis. Assumptions and Limitations Dimensions are … There's a coplanar waveguide calculator on our calculator page!

Asymmetric coplanar and differential coplanar controlled impedance structures Model More Structures: Two tricks that enable you to model structures that aren’t included in the Si8000m and Si9000e . Features. Coplanar Waveguide Calculator. (1) When the character impedance (Zo) of the conductor space (w) is computed. More importantly, it can provide extremely high frequency response (100 GHz or more) since connecting to CPW does not entail any parasitic discontinuities in the ground plane. The substrate parameters (ε r and h) and the frequency of interest are required. While commonly constructed using printed circuit boards, this structure can also be built using other materials as long as there is a conductor separated from a ground plane by some dielectric material. This calculator provides accurate microstrip transmission line analysis and synthesis. 2. Coplanar Capacitance Model Capacitance between two coplanar flat conductors is: Units: Farads. Conditions (weak microstrip mode, low side capacitance): S>>T, H>T, 0.125 × W ≤ S ≤ 4.5 × W, W + 2 × S ≤ 5 × H, dielectric constant >3 for higher accuracy.

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