Hydrogen bonding synonyms, Hydrogen bonding pronunciation, Hydrogen bonding translation, English dictionary definition of Hydrogen bonding. This hydrogen-sharing causes the formation of especially short, strong hydrogen bonds. Qualities that water has due to the hydrogen bonds.

By Alecia M. Spooner . attraction between a highly electronegative atom in one polar bond and a slightly positive hydrogen atom in another polar bond. (Remember that electrons have a negative electric charge.) Hydrogen Bonding a form of chemical interaction of atoms in molecules characterized by the essential involvement of a hydrogen atom (H) already linked by a covalent bond to another atom (A). hydrogen-bonding definition: Noun (uncountable) 1. The A—H group acts as a proton donor (electron acceptor), while another group (or atom) B acts as an electron donor (proton acceptor). (chemistry) the process of forming a hydrogen bondVerb 2. Usually three classes are distinguished: weak, moderate, and strong bonds, with energetic boundaries at about 2 and 15 kcal/mol. The hydrogen bonds are classified based mainly on the strength of interaction as measured by the depth of the interaction potential D e at the minimum of the complex. When it happens in the same molecule, it's known as an intramolecular hydrogen bond. Main Difference – Intermolecular vs Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding.
high heat capacity high heat of evaporation high cohesion surface tension excellent solven for other polar molecules. Molecules are formed when atoms of either the same elements or different elements come together to share electrons and make covalent bonds.There are two types of attractive forces that keep the covalent molecules together. water (H 2 O): Water is an excellent example of hydrogen bonding. When studying environmental science, one type of atomic bond you need to be familiar with is the hydrogen bond. Hydrogen Bond Definition. A hydrogen bond results when some of the atoms in a covalently bonded molecule pull the shared electrons to one side of the molecule, creating an electrical imbalance in the molecule. Learn more. hydrogen bond meaning: 1. a weak connection that is formed between an atom of hydrogen and an atom of another substance…. When hydrogen bonding happens between two molecules, it is known as an intermolecular hydrogen bond. A Low-barrier hydrogen bond (LBHB) is a special type of hydrogen bond.LBHBs can occur when the pKa of the two heteroatoms are closely matched, which allows the hydrogen to be more equally shared between them. hydrogen bond definition: The definition of hydrogen bond is a chemical bond between the hydrogen atom and an electronegative atom.

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