When you post to another person's timeline, that person controls who can see the post. This means that if you haven't already included their friends in the audience, their friends … When you post, people in the audience may be able to see it across the Facebook Products. We often write Facebook posts about fun activities with friends and family, or post photos showing our travels and activities. Tagging someone on Facebook is very straightforward. It depends on your post privacy settings. If you don't see instructions for the version you're using, learn how to switch versions or report a problem . A2A. Users will have access to a broader setting for facial recognition. You can tag pages as well as people too. Or you can hover over the photo and a box will appear that allows you to start typing in the name you want tagged. If the person you are trying to tag is in the picture, just hover over their face and suggested names will appear. If I post something on Facebook and a friend comments on it or likes it, how is it that other people who are friends of the comment writers or likers, but not friends of mine, can see it? When you tag someone, that content will be shared with the person tagged and their friends. Hope this answer can help you out when you can’t tag someone on facebook. If they have it set to Friends, then only their friends will be able to see it. Facebook will not allow to tag the blocked person. When I tag someone on Facebook who can see it? Tagging creates a link to their Facebook … We're working to update facebook.com and the Help Center. Facebook replaces setting that only suggested friends to tag in photos. If you tag a Facebook user and set the post visibility to “friends” and ‘friends of friends”, friends of the tagged person will see it even if they are not friends … Every item you place on Facebook has a privacy setting. Surely this is against the point of me having a private profile, isn’t it? Your friends can tag people in an album, including people with which you're not friends. (So you can tag Vin Diesel’s Facebook Page in your Chronicles of Riddick fan art, even if you haven’t yet followed it.)
If you tag someone in a post, the tagged person’s friends may also see the post. How to prevent people from tagging you on Facebook? Because, the photo resides in your account, it has to show up to the users from your account. Open a Facebook photo featuring the person or page. Once you block someone, you can't see each other, and you are not friends with each other obviously.
Although tagging is a good way to identify and mark friends on Group pics and to attract specific attention, the option sometimes steals privacy...! For starters… Anyone can tag a Page – but tagging a person doesn’t always work. Select Tag … When you tag someone, that photo or post may be shared with both the person tagged and their friends. How to tag someone on Facebook. Their name is then added to the post as “[Your Name] was with [Their Name].” When you tag a friend in a post or photo, it's a way to show who's in a photo or who you were with. Click on the one you want. No, the person who blocked you cannot see the photos of yours even if a mutual friend was tagged in it. If they have it set to Friends of Friends or Public then your friends (and all other friends of friends) will be able to see it as well. Using default privacy settings, Facebook profiles can someone on Facebook, and they can tag Pages – whether or not they’ve liked that those Pages. The only possibility is of : if a mutual friend tries to tag a blocked person. A person can tag his friends only. You can tag them on your own page or a friend’s image if they allow tagging.

A Facebook Tag is when you write a post and say you were with someone, or, you share an image and let Facebook know that one of the people in the picture is another Facebook user. If you’ve chosen to lock your profile, your sharing choices are more restricted.

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