I will love you as long as my heart beats. Put your heart and soul where I

I love you with everything that I am.

I give you my heart and soul.

My dear, my love for you knows no limits… you are in my heart and soul. Lyrics to 'Love You With All My Heart' by Sara Evans. I can feel you watchin', I can feel your eyes on me I can hear you whisper and I just get so weak But I'm a little bit scared, it's been a long time Since I let my guard down and let someone inside You don't need to wonder 'cause tonight you'll get it all Take the world, take everything that I own Leave me, just you alone I only live each day to love you With all my heart an' soul, I'm yours! – I love you with my heart and soul. Intro Verse 1 My soul longs My heart sings For You, O God King a-bove all kings Verse 2 How love-ly is Your dwell-ing place The on-ly one Wor-thy of all praise Chorus Just to be with You And know Your heart Is all I want Let this song be true My whole life long You’re all I want Nothing else matters… The heart has no boundaries. Love transcends space and time. a stranger, love is a box, Love is the key that fits a million locks, Love is a mystery when love is the devil you call. A soul connection knows no distance. With All My Heart And Soul With all my heart an' soul, I love you With all my heart an' soul, I care With every dream I dream, I love you You are the answer to my prayer! Heart and soul I begged to be adored I lost control and tumbled overboard gladly That magic night we kissed There in the moon mist Oh but your lips were … Song All I Want - Travis Cottrell. Words and Music by Larry Stock Heart and soul I fell in love with you heart and soul Because you held me tight And stole a kiss in the night. Hold you so tight, gonna let it all go And you can do what you want, you can take me right here 'Cause I knew from the start I was gonna love you with all my heart You take my hand now and I'm ready to begin Though it makes me crazy when your fingers touch my skin And I …

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